Monday, August 3, 2009

Flame moss, Spiky moss and Crystalwort

On 31st July, 2009, somewhere around noon, I received my parcel of Flame moss, Spiky moss and Crystalwort (Riccia fluitans).

This was the second parcel sent by the seller, as the first parcel was ruined during the shipment. Anyway here's the pics of the plants, still pack inside their individual air tight plastic bags.

Flame moss, Spiky moss and Crystalwort, Riccia fluitans

The packing is similar to the Glossostigma elatinoides that I received previously, accept that, the seller is using a larger bag.

I wonder, how did the first parcel was pack, and if it was pack this way, how is it possible to be damaged during the shipment.....sigh, i felt sorry for the seller to have to pay for the damage.

Anyway, if you ask the price....I paid RM25 for all the plants including shipping fee....

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