Monday, August 2, 2010

Java moss carpet

Quite sometime ago I created a foreground carpet using moss I collected from the wild. I guess it's java moss, because of it's form. The pic below shows the wild moss I collected a while back.

wild moss, I'm certain it's java moss because of the structure of it's strand...I can be wrong though :(

Check out the links below, you can read more about my moss collecting trip in my older blogpost:

So back to the moss carpet story...this is the result of using the above moss to make moss carpet...check out the pics...and pardon me, pics are blurry because I capture using a handphone camera :(

Java moss carpet, they grow in the form of individual strand like dwarf hairgrass :D This was taken on 2nd July 2010

Pic taken on 29th July 2010, just within few weeks, it became so dense :D...time for some trimming though

And if you ever wonder how I started growing this moss, how I tie it is...

Yeap, this is how I started growing the moss. Just tie on some pebbles or small rocks. And arrange it where you want the carpet to be :D
There you have it, my simple technique to creating a java moss carpet :D


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