Friday, November 13, 2009

Rotala rotundifolia and Hygrophila polysperma growth...

I did a new scape and planted some Rotala rotundifolia and Hygrophila polysperma. This is my first attempt planting this plant, and I tell you, I'm very impressed with their growth speed.

This plants seems to be doing well so far, in a nano tank (35 x 35 x 25 cm, LWH) at only 1.3 wpg (watt per gallon) of lighting.

Here goes the pics...

Rotala rotundifolia planted on day 1, notice the crooked stems...also this is the emerged form notice the big round leaf

Hygrophilia polysperma planted on day 1, same thing notice the crooked stems...also this is the emerged form

Same bunch of Rotala rotundifolia, taken from the side of the tank, notice the straight growth of the's only Day 3.....very fast, cant wait for the formation of the submerged leaf

Same goes to the Hygrophilia polysperma...straighter stem growth...

...and new leaf starts growing from the tip of the Hygrophila polysperma...

And the rest of the pics can be seen here, just click on the pic above to enlarge

So I guess that's it.....I'll talk more on this tank once the plants starts growing and filling in...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Left my camera battery at home :(

The thing I regreted most, like the title said, forgot my camera battery :(

Why?.....because I went to collect wild moss today, and I brought along my camera, but when I was excited to take some pictures......there, my battery was lying inside its charger at home......sigh.

Left this nasty little fella at no pics during the trip

Anyway.....I collected quite a lot of moss. Plus I also collected wild Java ferns. But the ferns were all growing out of water. Will try to grow the ferns in my tank to see how it goes....

Plenty of wild moss.....this whole bunch is larger than my palm

View from another angle...

Wild Java fern....this fern grow out of water

So sad......I wanted to share more pics and infos during the trip......sigh.....maybe next time

so till trip, will definitely double check my camera....MUST!!!

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