Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Neocaridina heteropoda var in Aquarama 2011

So the famous Neocaridina heteropoda or Red Cherry Shrimp also have many variants or colour variety just like the famous Crystal Red Shrimp,  Caridina sp. Here are some of the Neocaridina heteropoda var. I saw in Aquarama 2011.

For better viewing experience, please click on the photos to enlarge...

Ok, this is the popular Neocaridana heteropoda, but this is the Fire Red Shrimp variety
Next is the Yellow shrimp...Yellow Fire Shrimp to be exact =.="
I wonder why they give such a funny name, I can't relate fire with yellow...lolz
The best close up I can yellow?...tell me if you can relate fire with yellow, haha
Another funny name Chocolate shrimp....Chocolate?!?! Well at least I can relate brown and chocolate :D

There...Chocolate shrimp...another variety of the Neocaridina heteropoda
Taste like chocolate?
And finally, this variety of the Neocaridina heteropoda caught my eye, the Glaze shrimp. And funny, I did a Google search on the term "Glaze Shrimp" you know what turn up? A dish called Glaze shrimp...lolz!

Glaze shrimp...looks like a CRS huh 
Glaze shrimp with eggs
More glaze shrimp...
Even more glaze shrimp...aha, pic almost the same as above
Tank full of Glaze shrimp!
After I came back from Singapore, and visited one of the LFS here in my place, I found out that the Glaze shrimp is available for sale! 

Well that's it for now....~ Cheers

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