Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Glossostigma elatinoides and Dwarf Hairgrass Tank (4 weeks later)

Phew...manage to squeeze some time from my busy days to update on my Glossostigma and hairgrass tank.

And here it is....after 4 weeks of setup, enjoy :)

Here's the changes I did...

On Week 3:
- filled up the tank
- added a hang on back filter (a small one, just to make some water movement, and do some simple filtering job, and guess what...the media is brand new, and I used it without cycling! After all, my main objectives is to let the plants do the job)

On Week 4:
- added CO2 (DIY)
- and some Red Cherry Shrimp somewhere between week 3 and 4
- reduce the lighting period from 16 hours to 10 hours somewhere between week 3 and 4

After adding the CO2, the Glossostigma started bubbling, love them :)

Actually I wanted to add some larger rocks as hardscape into the tank in week 3, but decided not to, yet. I'll spare the rocks later, as for now, I want to enjoy watching the plants fill up the tank, and see my shrimps breeds.

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