Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to catch daphnia or moina

Wow!.....it's been a while since I last blog.....again, I was quite busy especially early this month.....was helping my dad setting up his office. Good thing it's done now, but then another problem occurred, my mom met with an accident last week.....Luckily she is fine. Anyway hope that explains.......hahaha :D

Well throughout this month, I collected topic which I would like to blog about (such as the plants I obtain, some tank updates and so on). But yet to find time.......anyway I would like to start with this one....How to catch daphnia or moina...I guess this gonna be a good one, especially to those struggling to find live feed for their fry or small mouth fish.

I won't go into detail of what daphnia or moina is, I guess a simple google of the term will provide the results.

What I want to share is this....

One of the method to collect or catch daphnia or moina is to first understand their natural behavior. This critters in nature are attracted to light.....just like Brine shrimp, artemia does.

So with that behavior, it's an advantage for us....just watch the video and you will know what I meant :D

To catch them, simply use a fine mesh net. Anyway, you have to work out ways on how you gonna reach those daphnia in a pond :D

Okay....this is just one method.....There's other method to catch them.....maybe next time ehh :D

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