Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aquarama 2011 Discus Grand Champion

Phew~ This is one stunning discus fish, and definitely deserve the Aquarama 2011 Discus Grand Champion title. Check out the photos...for better viewing experience, please click on the photos to enlarge...

Trying to woo the champion so that I can get a side shot
Ooops, a little too much over to the right...but a champion is a champion, and worth the wait :)
Finally a side shot that's worth the long wait :D
There's more pics to come, I will post them up slowly, as I didn't bring my laptop along...too bad :(....and I'm still in Singapore by the way, and have to borrow someone else pc to go online. When I have the opportunity, I will update again.....well let me know what you think about this fish ~Cheers!

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