Friday, January 15, 2010

Wild Hairgrass...Eleocharis sp.?

On the 7th January 2010, I found some wild hairgrass. It was an accidental discovery, coz my actual plan was to locate some pond or water body to collect moina to feed my fish fry.

Well fact is, I found few ponds, no moina but some wild hairgrass growing on the bank of the pond.

Check out the pic...

Eleocharis sp. some growing emersed, some submerged...nice lawn :D

Eleocharis sp. growing underwater...

So no moina no problem...I got something else to bring back home to test :D

Pluck some bunch home to grow :D

A little close up of the roots...

Besides the hairgrass...I also discover some wild Bladderwort, Utricularia sp. will spare this on a new blogpost :D

I hope the wild hairgrass will turn out to be some fine plant in my aquarium :D

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