Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terrapin brought us luck on 26th May 2009 fish hunt...

After an unsuccesful hunt in the evening the day before, we (me and my sis) decided for another try today. Well we didn't go back the same place, but instead we went somewhere near our home, and also this time we went there in the morning.

One of Borneo suckers natural habitat

Borneo suckers grazing on rocks feeding on microbes and algae

It's a waterfall we try today. The picture above shows the natural habitat of Borneo Suckers, Gastromyzon sp. and how they suck and graze on rocks.

LOL...that's the best picture I can capture, using my digital camera. Anytime I try to get near them for a better shot, they will skitter away.

In the beginning, it's impossible to catch even one, they skitter of immediately into deeper water and hide when they saw us coming into the water. You know, it's hard to catch them when they are in deeper water.

So we decided to go for a hike up the waterfall to see if there's any good and shallow spot for catching this suckers. Well we did found some shallow spot, but still we can't even get one....hahaha, I guess they went into hiding the moment they saw us.....lol

While searching for signs of suckers, suddenly my sis shouted at me, "Hey, there's a tortoise, arrr....no, no a terrapin......is it?".....LOL my sis was amaze till she can't tell the different from a tortoise and a terrapin, as this is her first time sighting a terrapin in the wild. I myself was puzzled as well to find a terrapin in a waterfall...and that's not that, it's up on a hill as well.

A very unusual terrapin we found

Okay, I know the correct name for it should be soft-shelled turtle, but......lol we have been using the term "terrapin" to describe this kind of turtle.

We've never seen this kind of terrapin before, the colour marking is different from what we normally see, so we decided to adopt it as our new pet.

It was almost noon then, we decided to go back the place we came from, since we didn't manage to catch any sucker. We try to give that deep pool another try. A few trials we faild, but suddenly, out of sudden, an idea of catching these sucker just struck my mind....and after that, catching them was pretty easy, especially in deeper water.

Catch of the day...

Colour variant (striped and spotted)...I guess they are still the same species

So the picture above are some of the suckers we caught in about 1 hour time....after finish catching, we were really hungry and decided to go home for lunch.

I guess the terrapin must have brought us luck.....:)

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