Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Little Underwater Eden...

This blog was created as a dedication to My Little Underwater Eden as well as my other relating hobbies......

Okay..... My Little Underwater Eden is actually my freshwater planted aquarium, and honestly I have no intention to want to keep or start this kind of aquarium. In fact, I have stop keeping aquarium fishes for quite sometimes now.....till this came up....

Now this is how I got it all started......Hah! This was simply a pass down hobby by my junior. He has to go for his internship, and therefore pass over his (18in x 12in x 12in) aquarium with some plants and fishes (Boraras brigittae and Sundadanio axelrodi) to me.

Actually he was planning to pass it over to somebody else, but that somebody (also my other junior) didn’t turn up.....LOL.....So That’s How I Got Back Into This Hobby Again.

Ohh......Planted Tank!....The last time I could remember keeping a planted tank......Wow! About 14 years ago, when I was around 11 years old. I was keeping guppies, tetras, corrydoras. Then I moved on to breeding more freshwater plants, just clear bare bottom tanks.....till now........GOSH!!! Taking over this really makes me roll up my sleeves!

By the way, I no more breed discus.....I’m culturing African catfish, clarias gariepinus for commercial no more aquariums, but tanks...poly tanks....things are getting bigger and more using air pump for aquarium, now I’m using blower....

Anyway thanks to my junior, I have the chance to revive back my long lost hobby.

So back to My Little Underwater Eden, I was left with...quite a messy tank...some of the fish especially the Sundadanio axelrodi didn’t really eat well the first day I brought them home, the plants don’t look healthy, actually my junior is keeping the plants without any substrate plus without lighting for quite sometime......LOL......he told me those plants are hardy, so I guess no problem.

Oh yeah, he told me he was busy for his less attention for his fishes.....haha.

Okay, basically I reused the stuff that he had left me, 2 driftwood, sponge filter, light, plants (can’t identify the plants accept for the java moss), and aquarium.

Well here’s what I did...I added gravels as substrate, I made a moss wall out of the java moss he left me, I’m giving lights to the plants now, added some corrydoras, wild caught loaches and shrimps. Hope the plants and fishes will grow healthy.

And there’s more plans for My Little Underwater Eden.....I’m going to make a proper light hood for the aquarium to give better light penetration into the water, change the sponge filter to a powered filter, add a CO2 generator and etc.

Most of this future plans will be DIY unless impossible for me to DIM (Do It Myself) that’s what will keep this blog alive. I will post my DIY methods here in the new future. So stay tune. Enjoy My Little Underwater Eden soon.

Front view of My Little Underwater Eden

Side view of My Little Underwater Eden

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