Monday, May 25, 2009

Borneo sucker hunting with lil' sis on 25th May 2009

The stream we went hunting

Today's hunt wasn't that fruitful....didn't get what we expected, though we do manage to catch some hillstream loach or Borneo suckers, but all of them are small.

We started hunting at around 3pm but I guess it's probably not the right timing to hunt this suckers. Based on my other evening hunt, I also experienced this results.

and there's my lil's sis

Besides the suckers, we also collected other fishes, but yet to be identified. As far as my fish identification knowledge is, one of them is a loach, but I have no clue what type....And also few types of fishes which I guess belongs to the Cyprinid family.

My digital camera, really cant take good quality close up shot, so I'm not able to post the fish picture here. Probably will post it sometime in the future, when I have a beter shot.

If anyone doesn't know how Borneo Sucker looks like, I do have pictures of them from my previous hunt......they do look similar to butterfly loach.

Borneo Sucker/hillstream loach, Gastromyzon sp.

Okay....that's it for now, will be planning another hunting trip soon.....:)

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