Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Sundadanio axelroti...

Right....another fish species that was given to me by my junior. And another fish that I can't get a good shot of them. So again I cited picture from other website.....have a look...

Image source - jmorgan.zenfolio.com

Image source - ibanorum.netfirms.com

A very peaceful native of blackwater fish from Borneo.

What is interesting about this fish is its colour. Originally the body is transparent, accept for the abdomen. And at one glance don't seem attractive at all. But look again, at a different angle, you will see a luminous blue green running across the body.

Initially I have no idea about this fish the first time I went to collect them from my junior. When I first saw them, I was telling myself, what is this boy upto again? previously he told me he was keeping wild betta, then endlers....and now something not quite attractive......(that's my first impression on the Sundadanio axelrodi).....just pale looking fish.....LOL

Then he told me this is wild caught, and quite exotic......and also the colour will turn blue, when they are kept in better conditions......believing what he said, it is true afterall....they are beutiful fishes.

Hope I can keep them as long as possible, and will try to breed them when they are in better health condition. As for now, they are slowly acclimatizing as I notice most of them are quite thin when I first brought them home, I guess they are left abandon when they were with my junior.....LOL

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