Thursday, May 21, 2009

Step By Step DIY Java Moss Wall's my first DIY for My Little Underwater Eden.

See this kind of aquarium plastic background?

Ordinary aquarium plastic background

Well this came together with the aquarium I got from my junior....It's very common, and I find it quite here's what I did to make my aquarium more interesting...

I made my own background, and a more lively one, in fact it is real life. And this is what they call "Moss Wall."

Okay, here's an example of what a moss wall looks like when properly done....

Source -

Source -

Ofcourse those moss wall are not mine......I just finish making mine, and waiting for it to grow...Anyway if you like to have one of this moss wall and were thinking of how to make one your own, then watch my "Step By Step DIY Java Moss Wall Video".......hope you enjoy the videos and find it informative

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