Sunday, June 14, 2009

Borneo Sucker Trip (13th June 2009) - Dry season...

During our journey to our designated spot, we noticed that there's sign of drought. While traveling on the red earth road we saw some small stream were dried up. The trees and grasses along the road were covered with dust and in some part, instead of green plant, they all turn into red, cause of dust from the red earth road. Boy, it must have not been raining for quite some time.

Some part of the river in the national park are dried up

Certain part of the river turned into a pool during the drought

Anyway the drought doesn't limit us to collect some suckers...

Gastromyzon monticola and Gastromyzon cornusaccus

This is the only sucker picture I capture during the trip...I regreted for not able to capture picture and video of them in the wild :(

Find out about the hunt for Gastromyzon auronigrus in the next post...

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