Saturday, June 20, 2009

Borneo Suckers (Gastromyzon aeroides and Gastromyzon extrorsus)...

Okay, I finally get the pics and video all up. So this is it, pictures and video of G. aeroides and G. extrorsus, the water parameters and not to forget, as promised, pic of my largest caught G. extrorsus which measured 95mm.

I have created an album (more pics) for each species, just click on the pictures and you will be directed to my picture album.

Gastromyzon aeroides...I like this one, because they have very nice sky blue dorsal and caudal fins.
From Gastromyzon aeroides Album 1

Gastromyzon extrorsus...their rostrum reminds me of pinocchio....haha
From Gastromyzon extrorsus Album 1

And this is the largest caught G. extrorsus with a total length of 95mm, almost reaching 4 inch long.
From Gastromyzon extrorsus Album 1

Here's a short video of G. extrorsus swimming in their natural habitat that I manage to captured

And finally, here's the water parameters of both G. extrorsus and G. aeroides habitat

Temperature: 29.56°C
pH: 6.0 - 7.0
Hardness: 2°dKH (approx. 36 ppm KH)
Sampling time: 2.15 pm
Date: 18th June 2009
Climate description: Drought

Lastly as reminder, Please this is for information purpose only. Parameters may varies during climate change. It is not advisable to comply exactly to the above parameters, thank you :)

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