Sunday, June 14, 2009

Borneo Sucker Trip (13th June 2009) - Hunting for Gastromyzon auronigrus...

Part of our main objective of this trip was to hunt the Gastromyzon auronigrus. It was documented that the river we went collecting are home of 3 types of Gastromyzon species, G. auronigrus, G. cornusaccus and G. monticola.

However during this trip we only manage to collect G. cornusaccus and G. monticola. Base on my rough speculation, percentage sighting chance of G. auronigrus, G. cornusaccus and G. monticola in a calm river is around 0.1%, 1.9% and 98% respectively. Haha, honestly, it's quite difficult to tell the difference of the suckers in riffles, especially between cornusaccus and monticola. One can sight an adult monticola easily, but a little difficult to sight the cornusaccus as the cornusaccus is rather a smaller species compare to the monticola and might resemble the monticola juvenile.

On the other hand, I did not even had the chance of sighting the G. auronigrus. That 0.1% sighting chance is based on my lil sis claim that she did saw a G. auronigrus swiming near the river bank, and by the time she wanted to show me, it went into hiding under some boulder. What an opportunity :(

The same goes to the percentage collecting rate. 0% for G. auronigrus, 9.6% for G. cornusaccus and 90.4% for G. monticola. Haha...what an unexpected trip. We thought that we were able to at least collect one G. auronigrus, since my lil sis claim she sighted one........:(

It's okay for me and dad, we will come back next time for G. auronigrus. This time better, we plan to camp there since it's such a beautiful place, so we will have more time to hunt for G. auronigrus. Hahaha....lil sis felt regretted during the whole journey back home for able to sight the G. auronigrus but not able to even collect a single piece.

Dad and lil sis taking a good inspection of what they caught.....G. auronigrus? Hahaha, not a chance :(

Home of G. auronigrus, G. cornusaccus and G. monticola

Very nice river...the forest here is it:)

I'll spare the next post for the water parameters.........:)

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