Saturday, June 13, 2009

Borneo Sucker Trip (13th June 2009)......

Would like to do a real quick post....

Just came back from a Borneo Sucker hunting trip today.....was excited with what I caught, and would like to take their pictures and post it here......but when we arrived home, it's already dark, all we can manage to do is just place the fishes into their quarantine tank :)

Will be posting up their pictures real soon, this is exciting, cant wait to do this.

There's alot to say about this trip, I will spare it in the next post. And boy, we (me, lil sis, and dad) are damn tired after this 1 day trip. Bout 8 hours driving up and back home :(.......

Will get some rest now, and begin updating this blog in the next few days.....stay tune, this is gonna be interesting as you will see new pictures of some Borneo Sucker that you cant find anywhere in the net :)

Cheers :)
Borneo Sucker

P.S. I haven't even take my bath when I did this post......see how excited am I? See you soon

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