Sunday, June 14, 2009

Borneo Sucker Trip (13th June 2009) - Home...

At around 3.30pm we decided to pack and head home. Though the hunting hours is short, the trip is worthwhile afterall. We had indeed explored a new place, which neither of us had ever encounter before, despite my dad who used to travel alot during his working days. The hunting spot was amazingly beautiful. We told ourselves that we must come back to spend at least one night there to experience the wonderful world of nature :)

So back again to the 1 hour ride on rough and bumpy road. Along the way, we did stop by one of the smaller stream to try our luck for Gastromyzon auronigrus. But still none, mostly G. monticola. At that time, it was just a simple tryout catch, so didn't measure the parameters. However, I would like to state that the water temperature is slightly higher, probably around 29°C to 30°C. Anyway it's not accurate, so don't try and set your Gastromyzon tank to 30°C :). But honestly the water there is much warmer compare to our initial hunting spot.

So after failing to collect G. auronigrus we finally decided to head home.

We reached home at around 7.30pm. It was already dark then. So we unload our stuff, and the fishes. I placed the fishes in their quarantine tanks, ate diner, made my first post about this trip, bath, and sleep. LOL......the journey was tiring......haha, and best of all we enjoyed ourselves. And dad just KO after diner......haha. Lil sis, hah! still have the energy to spent some time watching video....of course, she didn't do much accept for scooping the fishes....haha, she told me that she couldn't stop thinking about Gastromyzon auronigrus when she tries to the reason to go watching some videos.

Anyway 13th June 2009 is one of the intresting day in our life :)

Photos of G. cornusaccus and G. monticola will be up soon.....stay tune.

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