Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Step By Step DIY Java Moss Wall Update (20 days later)

It's about 20 days since I started making the moss wall. Here's an update image and video of my DIY moss wall.

little moss leaf start to grow out of the plastic mesh

The past few weeks, was wondering whether the moss will ever grow, since it's my first time making a moss wall. And what got me worried is the small mesh size of the plastic mesh I was using....Well feeling a slight relief now, since I saw some leaf starts growing out of the plastic mesh.

While waiting for the moss to grow that little....I did some changes to my tank lighting and also pump in CO2. I guess both the new lighting and CO2 did help the moss to grow.

Will do a post on what I did to my lighting and CO2 later :)....guess what, it's all DIY :)

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