Monday, September 21, 2009

Java Ferns for Sale?

My bunch of Java Ferns, Microsorium pteropus, growing on bogwood

Java Ferns, Microsorium pteropus for Sale?

Hahaha...ok, actually I just wanted to try growing Java ferns emersed. I trim out some plantlets that grows from the mother plants. I guess I was having a good time trimming the plantlets and I end up obtaining quite a number of them.

Imagine 2 times of this ammount!

So consider I have extras, I would like to sell them. Obviously most of my readers as for now are from overseas, and probably it would be impossible to sell to them, but what the heck, I'll just post in here.

Anyway, if there's anyone interested, please feel free to leave a comment or simply email me for infos.

Following picture is roughly how big some of the plantlets relative to the size of my hand (an average adult course there's some plantlets that are much smaller (babies) than this ones.

One of the reason I wanted to grow them emersed is to propagate more of this ferns to prepare for my new scape. I hope I can try my luck in IAPLC (International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest) next year, if there's one to be held :)

So wish me luck and if you want some of this ferns, contact me.....Cheers :D

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