Friday, September 18, 2009

My Red Cherry Shrimp Carrying Eggs...

About a week plus after I bought my new batch of Red Cherry Shrimp, I have now 2 female shrimp carrying I'm happy!

Looks like it's proven that my earlier batch of Red Cherries didn't have any males, so they were not breeding.

Now I can start breeding my other Red Cherries.....time to start thinking of a breeding setup for them :)

But before that, I might visit the LFS again to get more male shrimp, coz, out of the 5 shirmp I bought earlier, 1 died, leaving me 4 shrimp, but turn out that 2 was a young female. So the reason to get more male shrimps.'s the pic of them....not very clear shot, but good enough to present to you, enjoy :D

A candid shot before a pose...

Posing for some shot on my chopstick :)

hurried into the Java moss for hiding after photoshot :)

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