Friday, September 11, 2009

What! Anubias barteri 'petite' in my tank?

Hahaha...what a title........yeah, coz I supposed that this plant, Anubias barteri 'petite' is an expensive plant.....and I have it right there in My Little Underwater Eden......lolz

I have check briefly that this plant can fetch RM30 per pot. Now that's expensive, considering that this plant is a slow grower.....and that's probably the reason why I just notice this plant in my 3 month old tank :)

Check out the pic...

Anubias barteri 'petite' growing among the Java ferns

Well that's the only plant I have.....that little :)

And the next pic is the whole bogwood where those plants are growing fern, Anubias barteri 'petite', and java moss....

the Anubias barteri 'petite' such tiny among the other plants

So my plan now is try to propagate the Anubias barteri 'petite'. I'm thinkin how to reach the limited space of the plant to at least cut out a rhizome of it......and that's a real problem, coz I'm affraid I will destroy the whole plant :)

So stay tune to my next Anubias barteri 'petite' journey :D

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