Friday, July 24, 2009

Glossostigma elatinoides and Dwarf Hairgrass Tank specs...

I've received some enquiries and private message from forums that I joined regarding my tank specs. Instead of replying everyone individually, I decided to make a post on it, so you guys can just pop on to my blog anytime to look at the specs. Here's the following specs ask, and if you need further specs (which I can't think of any at the moment), just leave a comment, and I'll add them here...

Specs of this tank below...

Tank size:
2ft x 1ft x 1ft (L x W x H)
approx 15 US gal or 56L

2 x T5HO 24W 10000K (unknow brand and not sure of quality)
1 x T8 20W red spectrum
all lighting under my DIY reflector

Lighting duration:
Lighting period is extra long from the recommended duration of 8 to 10 hours. For now, mine is 16 hours, no particular reason, maybe I thought that extra light duration could speed up growth. Will reduce the lighting duration when I'm satisfied with the growth.

Lighting is controlled with a timer 12hrs light + 4hrs rest + 4hrs light + 4hrs rest = 24hrs a day and 16hrs of light...LOL

Watt per gallon, WPG:
If according to my light wattage, it should be around 4.5 wpg when the tank is fully filled. But lets say if the T5HO capacity is not up to it's stated wattage, the standard wattage for T5 bulb of the same size is 14W, so the total wpg is 3.2 wpg, which is still enough for the plants :)

By the way, I think the wpg is much higher, as the tank is partially filled (not even half of the tank height)

CO2 and Ferts:

no CO2 yet
no ferts accept for the potting soil I used as the based, which I assume does contain organic compound which serves as fert. You can watch my first video of this setup here:
5 Easy Steps To Grow Glossostigma elatinoides and Dwarf Hairgrass Emersed

yeah...plan to keep red cherry shrimp in it, and maybe some smaller fish, undecided yet. Probably some small rasboras, like boraras brigittae and sundadanio axelrodi which I plan to collect them in the wild someday....

So please keep the comments and enquiry coming....thanks alot :)

P.S. going to setup a nursery tank for my extra plants....

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