Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Plants producing O2 bubbles...

I was very busy recently and will be for the next few days working on my project.....anyway here's a quick video showing my plants producing O2 bubbles in my nursery tank...check it's a quick one, capture it using my mobile phone, so sorry for the quality :)

The plant seen in the video is Vallis, Vallisneria sp. known to be a good oxygenator, watch the video again, and try to measure the rate of the bubble.....:D

A friend of mine, after watching the video, asked, did I inject any CO2?.....and I replied "Yes, a DIY CO2." I bet he already know what is DIY CO2, as we sometime discussed about this topic. And he ask again, how I diffused the CO2 into the tank?.....and I just simply reply him a video of the diffuser....

Say....I'll spare the infos of the diffuser in the next post...but if you want to watch the video of it...hop on here>>>CO2 diffuser in my nursery tank

Till out for my next post....cheers :D

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